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Log cabin FAQs

Answers to questions about log cabin choice, ordering, delivery and construction

If you have a question about any of our log cabins, delivery, installation or how to shop online, please read through the log cabin FAQs below. If the FAQs don't resolve your query please feel free to get in touch; we're always happy to chat.

Buying a log cabin and online security
How can I place an order?
You can place an order online through our secure website. To pay over the phone by card, cheque or even by bank transfer simply call 0131 660 6333 and we'll be happy to help. To make a purchase via our website choose the product that you would like to purchase and simply click the 'Add item to basket' button and a new window/tab will open containing your basket. Continue browsing if you'd like to purchase more products or an optional extra, or checkout by clicking on the 'Check out' button in the open window/tab. If you accidentally close the window/tab you can open it again by clicking on 'View basket/Check out' button on any page.
Do I need to open an account to order goods?
You don't need to open an account with us prior to shopping on the website. Payments are securely handled by PayPal and if you don't have a PayPal account you can pay safely by card without registering with PayPal either. To pay over the phone by card, cheque or even by bank transfer simply call 0131 660 6333 and we'll be happy to help.
How do I know when my online order has been received?
An email will automatically be sent to you as the order is processed, then you will receive another when your order has been dispatched.
What payment methods do you accept?
PayPal, Visa Debit, Visa Credit, MasterCard, American Express and most major credit/debit cards both online and by phone. To pay over the phone by card, cheque or even by bank transfer simply call 0131 660 6333 and we'll be happy to help.
How secure is your website?
All transactions are totally safe and secure and are handled by PayPal. PayPal is a safer, faster, more secure way to pay online - your financial details are never shared (not even with GardenLife) and your bank, credit or debit card details are safeguarded. PayPal also protects your purchases so just in case there is a problem you can get your money back and with each purchase a confirmation email receipt is immediately sent to you. To pay over the phone by card, cheque or even by bank transfer simply call 0131 660 6333 and we'll be happy to help.
How do I know it is safe to shop with you?
Around the world tens of thousands of retailers (including Zara, Top Shop, Savile Row Company, Boots, Superdrug) use PayPal to securely process online transactions. Your financial details are never shared, your bank, credit or debit card details are safeguarded and PayPal also protects your online purchases. To pay over the phone by card, cheque or even by bank transfer simply call 0131 660 6333 and we'll be happy to help.
Is my personal information kept private?
Please rest assured that all the information you share with us is private and confidential. At no point will we share or sell your personal information without your consent. Please see our Privacy policy for more information.
Log cabin construction and planning permission
Is the timber that you supply treated with anything?
Our garden buildings are made from dense, slow grown Nordic spruce to ensure durability and longevity and the foundation beams are green pressure treated to protect against damp, disease and insects. Other parts of our buildings are not treated in order to allow you to finish the product using the stain, varnish or paint of your choice, however, dip treatment is available as an extra on most buildings. If you don't opt for dip treatment it's best to treat the garden building as soon as possible (after construction) with a treatment suitable for finished or sanded timber. We are always happy to advise on suitable treatment products, just get in touch.
Should I buy my garden building dip treated?
We do recommend that you opt for dip treatment when purchasing your garden building. You can treat the timber yourself using a brush, roller or spray gun, but dip treatment is more effective at coating every part of the wood, including notches, indents, grooves and the underside of floorboards. Dip treatment is also undertaken in our factory before the timber has been exposed to any moisture, which may not be the case if you opt to treat the building yourself after it has been constructed.
What does the 5 year warranty guarantee?
GardenLife log cabins come with a five year warranty. This warranty guarantees replacement of any component parts should they be found to be defective within this period, however it does not cover accidental damage or weather damage once the building is constructed. Customers should also note that timber is a natural product and prone to changes in appearance, including some movement and the occurance of small knot holes or splits in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Any splits, knots, warping or similar visual imperfections in the timber will not affect the structural integrity of the product in any way, and as a result the warranty does not cover these naturally occurring characteristics.
How long will my log cabin last?
GardenLife only use the best quality timber within our products, so if you make use of our dip treatment service and treat your log cabin or summer house every 3-4 years with a treatment designed for finished timber, it should last you a lifetime. Most quality treatment products come with a five year guarantee. If in any doubt please phone our team for advice on suitable treatments for your cabin.
What log thickness should I go for?
To help ensure that you make the correct choice, we recommend reading our detailed guide to timber wall thickness. In brief, 18mm-28mm walls are fine for sheds, workshops and summer houses that will only be used in summer. If you intend to use the building just in the warmer months through spring, summer and autumn, then 34mm walls would best. For all year round usage you should choose a cabin with 44mm, or preferably, 70mm logs with double glazing.
Can I insulate my log cabin?
Yes the roof and floor can be easily insulated during construction using a range of insulation products available from all good DIY stores. One of our films shows how insulation boards are placed in the floor space of the Heidi (19.7Sq m) garden room and our log cabin construction slideshow shows glass fibre insulation being added to the roof of an Emily (40.1 + 5.2Sq m) holiday chalet. Our Quick Fit range of modular garden buildings allow for wall insulation too; these include Blythe, Olaf (6.6Sq m), Kalle (6.6Sq m), Ly (10.2Sq m), Ly (13.6Sq m), Etta (13.6Sq m) and Solveig (13.6Sq m) . Please don't hesitate to call for guidance on suitable products.
What type of wood are the log cabins made from?
All our log cabins are produced from kiln dried sustainably sourced Nordic spruce. Having grown in a cold climate these timbers have superb strength and durability.
What are the differences between roofing felt, shingles and EPDM roof covering?
Roofing felt is supplied in rolls and is cut to fit the roof then tacked into place; it is cost effective but not best suited to more stylish buildings or those with a large flat roof. Timber buildings in our economy range come with free felt roofing as standard and it is an optional extra on most other buildings. Shingles are made from the same material as roofing felt, but they are cut into shaped panels that resemble tiles or traditional timber shingles. Shingles are stuck in place (using the double sided tape they are supplied with) then tacked into the roof. They are recommended for more expensive and stylish buildings as they simply look more in keeping than roofing felt. Shingles are listed as an optional extra on appropriate models. EPDM roof covering is essentially a large sheet of black rubber that is stretched across the entire building roof. It is the most watertight of all the roof coverings that GardenLife supply, but it should only be used on buildings and garages with a flat roof. Each product within the website is shown with the recommended roof type, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Do I need planning permission for my summer house or log cabin?
We have a detailed guide about planning permission, however, our log cabins are considered as permitted development so long as their use is ancillary to the main house and they do not take up more than 50% of your garden. Exceptions to this and cases when you might need planning permission would include:
  • When you wish to put a log cabin in your front garden.
  • When the eaves height is over 2.5m on your building or the overall height is over 4m on an apex roof or over 3m on any other roof.
  • When the building is within 2 metres of your boundary and its overall height is over 2.5m.
  • When you are situated in a National Park, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or Conservation Area.
  • If in any doubt we would always recommend that you consult your local planning authority.
  • For convenience you can view all GardenLife log cabins that are under 2.5m here.
Why do so many log cabin companies try and promote flat roofed cabins that are under 2.5m in height?
This is because if you want to locate your cabin within 2 metres of your boundary you must seek planning permission if it is over 2.5m high. However, if you are looking to locate your building more than 2 meters from your boundary the maximum height permitted is 4 meters before you need to seek planning permission. Please note even if you do wish to place your building within 2m of your boundary and it is over 2.5m then it does not necessarily follow that you will not be given planning permission. Generally speaking, seeking planning permission for a garden building is a relatively simple and quick process so we would recommend that you don't feel pressurised into buying a building with this height restriction. Your cabin is going to be with you for life so why not make sure you buy one you are going to be happy with! Having said that we do also have quite a number of buildings under 2.5m in height if you are looking for a very quick installation and don't wish to consult your planning authority. You can view all GardenLife log cabins that are under 2.5m here
Can I put electricity in my log cabin?
Yes so long as it is installed by an approved electrician. Unfortunately GardenLife are unable to offer this service.
Ordering, delivering and constructing a log cabin
What is included in the price?
GardenLife Log Cabins guarantee the best price online for your garden building, and this includes free shipping to the mainland UK and our quality five year warranty. The price also includes the particular timber building that you choose, the floor (unless otherwise stated on the product page), doors and windows as illustrated, all fixing materials, locks, handles and keys.
What is not included in the price?
The only elements that aren't included in our prices are the extras that can be purchased separately, including roofing felt or shingles, terraces, shutters, extensions and internal wall cladding kits where indicated. If you are in any doubt about your purchase or what's included, please get in touch as we're always happy to provide advice.
How long does delivery take?
Delivery is generally within 3-4 weeks, however, we have a significant number of popular timber garden buildings that are now available with express 14 delivery (if required) at no extra cost. Please note that the express 14 day delivery service is subject to the delivery destination, order confirmation and receipt of cleared payment in full.
How are cabins delivered?
All log cabins are delivered flat packed on one or more pallets; you can watch a typical cabin delivery in our GardenLife film. Component parts i.e. logs, roof and floorboards are supplied in single pieces unless otherwise stated. Delivery is made via hiab truck and is a driveway/kerbside service unless special arrangements have been made.
What tools do I need to construct my summer house log cabin?
Standard tools such as handsaw, hammer, measuring tape, cordless drill - please note all fixings are supplied with your log cabin. You may find it helpful to watch some of our video guides as these show a number of different garden buildings during construction, or you can click through our log cabin construction guide; this details some of the steps involved in building a log cabin.
How are log cabins and summer houses constructed?
With the exception of our log cabin homes (which require professional construction) and our Quick Fit range of modular garden buildings (Blythe, Olaf (6.6Sq m), Kalle (6.6Sq m), Ly (10.2Sq m), Ly (13.6Sq m), Etta (13.6Sq m) and Solveig (13.6Sq m) ), all our log cabins, garden rooms and summer houses are built using interconnecting tongue and groove timbers which are arranged much like large Lego bricks. You can see how easy it is to build up the walls, slide in the window and door frames and attach roof elements in a number of our garden building video guides. If you're not sure about constructing a log cabin or summer house yourself, don't worry, we can build it for you - just get in touch.
How many people does it usually take to erect your garden buildings?
We would recommend at least two people to erect our log cabins.
What do I need to consider before building a log cabin?
Unless otherwise stated, GardenLife log cabins are designed to be easily constructed by those with limited DIY skills. All our log cabins must be erected on a firm level base. We advise customers to have their base prepared prior to delivery. Full instructions for erection are available to view on our website or enclosed in pack on delivery. Should you need advice during construction our team are always happy to talk you through any questions you may have. All component parts must be checked off against the inventory list prior to assembly. It is very important to check for any missing or damaged parts prior to construction. As outlined above, a minimum of two people are required to build a cabin and you will need certain basic DIY tools available. You can click through our log cabin construction guide to get an idea of the steps involved in building a larger log cabin.
Can GardenLife erect a cabin for me?
Yes we can arrange construction in most areas, and you can also watch a GardenLife construction crew building a garden room in one of our films. On most product pages within this website contruction is actually listed as an optional extra which can be included with your purchase. We're always happy to take orders by phone on 0131 660 6333, so if you have any questions, or would like to discuss construction please don't hesitate to ask.
Do I need to treat or paint my cabin?
Our garden buildings are made from high quality timeber and we offer and recommend optional dip treatment on most cabins. Otherwise, buildings are supplied untreated except for foundation beams which are green pressure treated. We advise that your log cabin should be treated as soon as possible after construction and certainly within ten days. We are happy to recommend treatment types if you have any doubts, just get in touch.
Can you design a bespoke cabin or building for me?
Yes, GardenLife offer a bespoke garden building design service and we can either create a completely new design, tailor a structure specifically to your requirements, or modify one of our existing models to better match your needs. You can see some examples of previous bespoke designs here.
What happens should I have any problems regarding missing and or damaged parts?
Utmost care, through our strict quality control systems, is taken to ensure that your log cabin arrives in perfect condition. In the unlikely event that you have a part missing or damaged please speak to one of our after sales care team. We will always endeavour to solve any problems quickly and efficiently. We have a stock of replacement parts in the UK which can be despatched from our storage facility.
Definitions, symbols, icons and terminology

Throughout the website GardeneLife make use of various terms, symbols, icons and short definitions to help highlight various different facts, options or services. Please check the following icons and definitions for more detail.

Felt roofing included

As a rule felt roofing is an optional extra that needs to be purchased separately, however, if you see the statement "Felt roofing included" you can place an order safe in the knowledge that GardenLife will include the correct amount of roofing felt with your order at no extra cost.

Felt shingles included

On some buildings roof shingles are an optional extra that need to be purchased separately, however, if you see the statement "Felt shingles included" you can order the building with the understanding that GardenLife will include the correct amount of shingles at no extra cost.

EPDM rubber roofing included

On a limited number of buildings EPDM is an optional extra that needs to be purchased separately, however, if you see the statement "EPDM rubber roofing included" you can place your order knowing that GardenLife will provide EPDM roofing with your order at no extra cost.

Free standard delivery included

All our timber garden buildings include free shipping to the UK mainland as standard. Depending on stock availability standard delivery takes between 2 to 3 weeks and is included at no extra cost. Watch our delivery video to find out more.

Free express delivery included

Due to high demand, availability of some of our 7-10 day delivery items is subject to confirmation at the time of order. Please call 0131 660 6333 for the latest delivery estimates.

Customizable timber thickness

GardenLife offer a range of bespoke log cabins with customizable timber thickness, allowing you to define how secure, warm and durable the timber building is. The prices shown on related product pages will relate to a specific timber thickness (highlighted in the description and icons further down that page), and as a rule, timber thickness can be customized from 44mm to 70mm, 88mm, 114mm or 134mm. If you'd like to customize the timber thickness of a particular model just get in touch for a quote, or if you would like a greater level of customization, or a completely unique design, then GardenLife can assist with our full bespoke design service.

This building is 2.5m high or less

GardenLife timber buildings come in a diverse range of sizes. Wherever you see the statement "this building is 2.5m high or less" it means that you are less likely to require planning permission when siting the building close to a boundary with a neighbour. Most authorities do not require planning permission for garden buildings which are 2.5m or less in height, however, due to regional variations GardenLife recommend that you check with your local planning department before making a purchase.

Discontinued models

All products in our special offers section are end of line and reduced to clear; you won't find these items cheaper anywhere else online.

Not found what you're looking for? Why not review our buyers guide to garden buildings or reasons to buy from GardenLife. Alternatively get in touch with us - we're always happy to help.