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Roger (21.9 sqm + 5.2 sqm) garage

A large practical single timber garage with a covered entrance and 44mm thick timber

Dip treated garden rooms

Stain, varnish, paint or dip treat?

All GardenLife summer houses, garden rooms and log cabins are made from sustainably managed forests of slow-grown Nordic spruce; a strong, dense, long-lasting timber. This helps ensure that our garden buildings are robust, structurally sound, and capable of handling bad weather and strong winds.

Why consider dip treated garden rooms?

To further enhance the durability and lifespan of our garden rooms and cabins, we also offer the option of dip treatment with Sarpap & Cecil Axil 3000 P water soluble wood preservative timber treatment on most models. With over 50 years specialist knowhow, the wood preservative treatment formulas produced by Axil come with guarantees and performance certificates that prove the reliability, conformity and fitness for use on exterior timber.

In a nutshell, dip treated garden rooms are protected against wood-destroying fungi, mould, rot and wood boring insects, which is essential for any timber garden building (not to mention a wholly worthwhile investment).

Dip treatment enables treatment to penetrate areas of the cabin like the notches and underneath the floorboards which cannot be reached when stains are applied by brush. This ensures a comprehensive protection envelope around the whole cabin. It also helps prevent discolouration from the sun and offers UV protection. This means the interior of your cabin will hold it’s natural grained timber look and colour without further staining or varnishing being necessary. You will still however need to apply an exterior stain with the dip treatment acting as a primary coat to achieve full protection in the long term.

What dip treatment colours are available?

GardenLife offer three types of dip treated garden rooms; grey, brown and clear. The grey treatment colours the wood a medium grey, almost like an aged cabin. The brown treatment enhances the natural pattern of the timber, making it look richer and darker. The clear treatment is ideal if you want a base for painting or a light whitewash look.

 Can I just treat my own garden room once it is built?

Yes, you can opt to purchase a garden room without the option of dip treatment, however you really need to stain, varnish or paint it as soon as it is constructed (and we recommend 2-3 coats as an initial minimum treatment). Regardless of whether you opt for a dip treated garden room or not, GardenLife always recommend annual treatment with a high quality wood preservative to further enhance the longevity of the building.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for any further information on dip treated garden rooms, summer houses and log cabins.

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