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Kalle (13.5 sqm) utility shed

A sturdy, practical, two room pent garden shed

Garden building videos

Discover GardenLife and our quality garden buildings

Find out more about us at GardenLife as well as our products, delivery and construction by watching some of these short garden building videos. Queries about packing, unloading, build quality, insulation, construction and treating buildings should all be answered – but if not, please get in touch, we’re always happy to talk!

About us, delivery, build quality and construction

This video provides you with information about GardenLife, the quality that underpins our timber garden products and how we deliver buildings. You will also discover how our products are carefully unpacked, constructed and finished, with the end result being a stunning timber garden building.

Chalet cut tongue and groove garden buildings

Taking delivery of a timber garden building

If you have concerns over delivery, then this video guide could help ease any doubts. GardenLife deliver all our garden buildings flat packed and rapped in weather proof plastic sheeting. Our lorries are fitted with cranes and we can therefore deliver as close to your build site or foundations as possible (placing items over walls or fences if access is limited).

When constructing a timber garden building, garden room or summer house it’s very important to prepare the build site and timber base correctly. The foundations must be level (ideally a concrete pad, sturdy treated timber decking or eco-friendly gravel mats with anchor points). The timber base must be square and level, and this video from GardenLife shows the process.

If you’re building a summer house or timber garden building yourself, you will need to position and fit the structural purlins to add rigidity and strength to the roof. When the purlins are level and flush you can then fit the roof boards; a process that takes the build a step closer to weather proofing your garden building. Watch this video from GardenLife Log Cabins to find out how.

Standard roofing felt is simply rolled the length of the roof and tacked into place, starting from the lowest side of the roof, working up to the apex and overlapping each roll. However, if you are adding your own roof shingles you will need to watch this helpful video guide to ensure that you end up with a professional “tile effect” finish on your summer house.

Adding insulation and floorboards to a  building

If you want to keep your garden building warm throughout the colder months you will need to add insulation between the floor joists and securely fit the boards over the top (making sure you leave a gap to allow for natural movement and expansion of the floorboards). You can see how straightforward this is in this video guide.

Time lapse summer house construction

The vast majority of our log cabins, timber summer houses and garden rooms are designed to be built by those with basic DIY skills and tools. This video shows how the Claudia (19.4Sq m) clockhouse style summer house is built; from arranging the individual elements to building the windows, walls, roof and the finished product.

Modular Quick Fit garden buildings

Quick Fit modular timber building construction video

GardenLife Log Cabins produce a range of garden buildings that are delivered with pre-built modular wall, window, door and floor elements. These Quick Fit timber garden buildings are perfect for those with basic DIY skills. All our timber garden buildings can be built by those with limited DIY skills, but our Quick Fit modular units are even easier to build. This video guide from GardenLife shows how fast a two men can erect a modular timber garden building.

Video soundtracks by Scambler Music – License royalty free music for film, video and TV.

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