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Unique garden office design

Unique garden office design

Unique timber office building

Project Name: Unique garden office design

Location: Edinburgh

Client Brief: GardenLife Log Cabins were tasked to provide a unique version of our 70mm Laggan timber garden room for use as a private office and studio all year round. The client requested 88mm laminated logs for extra insulation, living house quality windows and doors, as well as a slightly narrower design to fit within the parameters of garden. Thinner logs and wall timbers can be used for garden offices, but if you want to ensure warmth in the middle of winter, and also keep heating bills down, 88mm laminated wall timbers are the best option (and also incredibly strong and robust).

Technical Specifications: Whilst some customers require a completely unique garden office design, in other circumstances we can modify existing office designs to suit budgets and/or time constraints. In this instance, a customized Laggan garden room (with 88mm laminated timber walls and living house quality windows and doors) was the ideal solution.

Completion time: For this particular projected all we needed was 8 weeks from confirmed order to completed, watertight building.

Concluding notes: The client has been very happy with the contemporary design – it provides a lot of light and is a great space to live and work in (and the office is used for both work and play)!

If you run a business, or are thinking about expanding your premises or setting up from scratch and would like unique timber office design, just get in touch and we’d be happy to chat things over with you.

Customised laminated timber walls

Bespoke timber office building

Bespoke timber office building

We’ve put together some more notes and photos on a GardenLife bespoke office build (following the launch of our bespoke garden building design service).

Bespoke timber office buildingProject Name: Bespoke timber office building

Project Location: Dalkeith, Scottish Borders

Client Brief: Design and build a log cabin suitable for all year round office use for 2-3 persons, large enough to allow for desk space, filing and storage space, featuring a separate internal room and a terrace with a roof overhang.

Technical Specifications: This timber office was designed and built using 88mm thick laminated timber. This type of timber (as opposed to thinner log thickness’s) provides living house quality, as well as excellent insulation qualities and a robust finish that will last for years. The windows and doors that GardenLife used were also living house quality. Building designs, plans and 3D renderings can be viewed in this PDF [3.7MB].

Completion Time: The office was designed, built, insulated and occupied within three months of the start date.

Concluding Notes: The client was very happy with their new timber office building, and given their small company it provided a great environment within which to work. The office is both cool in summer and snug in Winter, due to floor and ceiling insulation that’s designed to keep temperatures regulated.

Thinking about designing your own timber office or garden building? GardenLife’s bespoke timber building design service could be perfect for you. Feel free to get in touch with your plans and questions and we’d be happy to help.

Bespoke log cabin in the woods!

Bespoke log cabin in the woods!

Following on from last months’ post announcing GardenLife’s new bespoke garden building design service, we’ve pulled together a few notes and photos on another bespoke project we undertook not long back down in the Borders.
Bespoke holiday cabin
Project Name: Bespoke Holiday Log Cabin

Location: Peebles, Scottish Borders

Client Brief: GardenLife Log Cabins were tasked to design and build a substantial log cabin for year round holiday use with five internal rooms, including a bathroom and open plan lounge. The log cabin was to be open and light to take in the amazing views of the surrounding woods and hills, but also warm enough to accommodate holiday makers in the depths of a Scottish winter!

Technical Specification: The log cabin was built with dense 88mm laminated timber (much thicker than standard designs of 44mm or 70mm) and was insulated throughout to ensure it remained warm even in winter. If you’re interested, ground plans, cross sections and 3D renderings can be viewed in this PDF [1.2MB].

Completion Time: Including the time spent on planning and building regulation, as well as the usual applications and approvals, it took GardenLife eight months to complete the entire project (from initial consultation to watertight construction).

Concluding Notes: This project allowed GardenLife to design and build a great log cabin to act as a perfect holiday retreat in a beautiful and secluded area. When the bespoke log cabin is not in use by the client it is hired out to tourists (which helps with the running costs and upkeep).

Bespoke log cabin design

If you’d like more details about GardenLife’s bespoke timber building design service, or if you have your own plans for a holiday cabin in the woods, all you need do is contact us with your plans and questions.

Innovative timber building design

Innovative timber building design

This year GardenLife Log Cabins launched a new bespoke garden building design service in order to allow people to customise our existing cabin designs, or to provide us with their own plans for an innovative timber building design. Over the coming months we’ll be showcasing some of our previous bespoke builds by way of a project brief and some related photos. First up, the Waterwheel Café Building in Selkirk:

Bespoke timber building design

Project Name: Waterwheel Café Building, Selkirk, Scotland

Location: Scottish Borders

Client Brief: GardenLife Log Cabins were asked to design and build a café with a capacity to take 40 customers. The café was built to accommodate tourists visiting the nearby salmon viewing centre. Our client asked for a light airy space that visitors would want to spend time in (as well as money)! The L shaped design of the timber building allowed for the kitchens to be offset to the main seating area.

Technical Specifications: This timber building was designed and constructed with 300mm laminated timber logs with a bright spacious interior, a separate kitchen was required as were toilets. The building design accommodated all necessary plumbing and electrical requirements.

Completion Time: The project was first discussed in January 2006 and completed in October the same year. Full planning and building regulation applications were undertaken by the clients architects.

Concluding Notes: The client was extremely pleased with the café building which is now a feature in  the local area that attracts visitors from near and far. The building was also nominated for a competition for innovative timber building design too!

Bespoke timber building design

For more information about GardenLife’s bespoke garden building design service just get in touch with your questions or plans.

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