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How are large garden buildings delivered?

GardenLife have been involved in the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of summer houses, timber offices, log cabins, pavilions and other garden buildings for many years, and when it comes to delivery, we’ve always been able to ship our products to the desired location. Tight turnings, narrow driveways, tall hedges and trees, limited access to gardens – these issues have never stopped us from delivering a garden building as close as possible to the build site.

It’s understandable however, that investing in such a substantial structure can lead to concerns about packaging, shipping and the delivery day itself. For that reason, GardenLife filmed the delivery of one of our biggest garden rooms, to show how straightforward deliveries are (even those involving large garden buildings, such as the Laggan, measuring 6.4m x 3.5m).

Secure packaging
One question commonly asked, is how are garden buildings packaged? As you can see in the video above, all GardenLife buildings are delivered flat pack, and before they leave the factory, all the parts are carefully positioned on timber carrying frames and shrink wrapped in water proof plastic. The carrying frame helps ensure that timbers remain completely flat during the shipping process, and the plastic wrapping helps keep all the wood dry (which means you don’t have to worry about building the summer house the second it arrives). Smaller buildings often fit in one package, but the larger timber buildings (such as the Laggan) come in three carefully wrapped parcels.

Careful delivery
GardenLife always contact customers to arrange a convenient day for delivery, and we ensure that our buildings are only ever dispatched using a Hiab truck with a front-mounted crane. This allows the delivery driver to get close to the delivery site, but even when obstacles stand in the path of the truck, the extending crane allows the driver to lift each package over hedges and fences, or around trees and buildings. You can see in the video above, the experienced driver is able to lift large sections of the building over hedges (whilst keeping the crane below overhanging wires) and then carefully position the timbers in a confined area not much bigger than the package itself.

GardenLife take care of wrapping up your garden building, keeping it dry and flat. We always ensure we deliver at a convenient time, with advanced notification of the delivery date, and our experienced drivers and crane operators ensure that your new garden building is delivered safely to your chosen construction site. If you have questions or concerns about delivery please don’t hesitate to get in touch or give us a call on 0131 660 6333.

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