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At GardenLife Log Cabins we always love receiving reviews and testimonials of our products from customers. Some recent feedback was so detailed however that we’ve decided to include it in our blog as a guide to other customers wishing to assemble the Hanna summerhouse themselves:

“Thank you for your advice on the telephone on Monday which was greatly appreciated. Following your advice I decided to fabricate an adjustable height support pole from a scaffold pole and then fitted to the top of the pole a steel hexagonal plate that would support all 8 roof sections at the correct centre height. I bolted the centre of the pole support base to the centre of the summer house concrete platform and then 4 way guyed the pole to ensure it was both secure and centre vertical. I surrounded this pole with a scaffold tower to create a support platform from which the panels could then be be manually adjusted into position on the hexagonal plate. Weather remained kind and rain was not forecast until Saturday night so left time to Cuprinol seal and protect the wood of the wall and roof prior to final completion. 

Saturday morning arrived and my brother and son-in-law arrived. All eight panels were slid into place by two of us pushing them up towards the centre support with the third person on the scaffold tower juggling the panels onto the steel hexagonal plate, following which, as suggested by you, the panels were then temporary secured with one centre screw at the roof panel’s base so allowing flexibility to adjust during positioning of all the other panels. A certain amount of juggling and adjustment was required to settle in the 8 panels onto the wall but all this was completed within an hour and we were having a celebrational coffee by 11 am.

The roof was then felted to temporary protect it from the forecast rain and when the weather again settles I will either tile it with the felt shingles you kindly provided or alternatively purchase some cedar shingles so completing the roof seal prior final wall weather treatment.

Thank you again for your help and guidance with the completing of the roof which, due to its weight was originally an onerous task, but after thinking about and putting your comments into action was quite straightforward process. Finally the engineering/manufacturing of the walls, windows, doors and panels panels was all to a very high standard and the quality of the summerhouse, when completed, will be excellent.

Thank you for stocking and marketing a quality product and assisting me with the initial purchase, delivery and building considerations.”

Well there you go; a customer’s guide on how to erect the Ribble summer house!

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