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New more relaxed planning regulations are set to make making improvements to your home simpler and less hassle. Those looking to expand living spaces by building conservatories , loft conversions and extensions should be abloe to do so more easily when new much talked about planning regulations come in to force. What is not talked about so much however is the average cost of undertaking such projects and the difficulty in raising finances to complete them. The average cost of adding a conservatory to your property is £22,000.00 (Ref Your Money – Daily Telegraph 15/09/12)and a loft conversion even greater at £33,800.00. New concrete garages come in at an average of £14000.00. Should homeowners not have these kind of funds readily available they may struggle with extra lending from their mortgage providers and or other banks. New banking guidelines have made new applications for borrowing open to much greater scrutiny and some homeowners may find they might not even qualify for their existing mortgages should they apply for them today. New planning policies may therefore be set to come in to place but with financing options becoming so much more difficult we question whether they will have much effect in stimulating smaller building and construction projects that they have been designed to do.

Here at GardenLife we have found an increasing trend towards creating this space with log cabins and other garden buildings – a much cheaper and hassle free option to adding some space to your property. Certainly with the costs of moving increasing so much over the past few years there is more emphasis on improving rather than moving ! Please have a look at our extensive range if thinking of going down this route but dont have large funds to take on the more expensive options.

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