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Self assembly timber garden office video

If you’re looking to start a new business from home, or if your current home business is in desperate need of additional storage or meeting space, you could consider a timber garden office as an alternative to a portakabin, a costly house extension or renting office premises at another location. Renting office space and extending the house are expensive ventures, and a portakabin isn’t the most attractive location to run a business from. However, a timber garden office can prove highly cost effective; a low purchase cost (when compared to extending and renting), quick self assembly and minimal ongoing maintenance.

Portakabins and house extensions require planning permission, and although this might still apply with the siting of a timber framed office in your back garden, if you can position your garden office a couple of metres away from the boundary, and buy a design that’s 2.5m in height (or less), you may be able to avoid the hassle of obtaining planning permission altogether.

GardenLife Log Cabins specialise in a whole range of different timber framed building styles, all of which are designed for self assembly (even for those who aren’t great at DIY). Despite this, GardenLife also stock a number of modern timber garden rooms and offices that feature a modular Quick Fit design, which is perfect if you’re not that confident with DIY, but still want the pleasure (and reduced cost) of a self build project.

The self assembly timber garden office video above showcases what is involved in constructing the Fiona contemporary garden office. The self build Quick Fit kit for this garden office is delivered with the bulk of the elements already pre-assembled; walls are provided as modular wood framed panels that simply slot together, and the windows and doors are already built, as are the roof frames and apexes (the only separate parts are the foundation joists, floor boards and roof boards). As you’ll see in the video, the tools that are required are a hammer, screwdriver, drill, saw, spirit level and staple gun (although you can use tacks on the roofing felt if you don’t have a gun).

The self assembly video shows two professional installers completing the installation process in about six hours (with a couple of hours for unpacking and organising the parts). So if you’re not a DIY regular, a day in the garden should be all you need to self build your own timber garden office; far less stress, hassle and cost than an extension. If you’re still not sure about undertaking the task, don’t fear, GardenLife can arrange installation for you, just get in touch to find out more.

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